I am looking for ways to integrate this new daily writing habit into my regular routine even after November ends. Many, many thanks to Jean and Manton for providing the motivation and structure for getting started.

I am back at the resort property that uses typewriters for decoration. Other themes here include: ski boots, old telephones, televisions, radios, books and sewing machine tables. Happy Thanksgiving! (mbnov)

We went apple picking at an organic orchard at the end of September. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such rich colors in organic apples before! (mbnov)

Our neighborhood is shared with bears, who have been known to rummage through yards, looking for food. For a while, I brought our trash barrels into the garage, but now we secure our trash in a bear-proof bin. (mbnov)

Royal company may be good for the ego (and even the pocketbook) but I much prefer the richness of imagination that accompanies the companionship of children. (mbnov)

Summer warmth yields to cold crackling winter ice. As chlorophyll drained from leaves, trees dazzled with hidden colors. Taking the hint, bees harvested every grain of pollen they could. Now they will hum to each other through frost until spring melt brings relief. (mbnov)