Tonight’s sky was like something out of Ghostbusters. Ten minutes later it was pouring rain.

The sky was so spectacular on the drive up to Burlington tonight that I almost had to pull over.

This peony has demonstrated great endurance by surviving transplantation followed by overshadowing from neighboring plants followed by a dry summer and cold winter. Now it is making some buds again. I hope it will thrive in its new home alongside our family.

When the light hits it right, this old window shade appears to have stripes. I am amazed that it mostly survived the remodeling process in this room.

window shade in afternoon sunlight with pleats making a striped pattern out of light and shadow

In our attempt to select a water filter for the kitchen, we have written out several criteria for evaluation.

computer screen showing a spreadsheet listing water filters and decision criteria

This bathroom is scheduled for demolition as soon as we have another one functional again.

bathroom sink with ugly green tile counter in foreground and toilet in background