Support The Right to Repair in New Hampshire (NH HB462)

For years, I have extended the life of the computers and smart phones in my family by upgrading memory and storage and replacing worn out batteries. I have even replaced a broken display or two on my own with a steady hand and a set of instructions prepared by other intrepid home repair enthusiasts. This practice saves us money and helps preserve the environment by extending the life of technology that would otherwise head to a landfill.

It is getting harder and harder for me to do this. I fear that in the near future it will become impossible. Some manufacturers are working very hard to make that future come true.

The people selling everything from electric toothbrushes to computers, printers, cars and trucks have been reaping the rewards of advances in technology for years. As these tools of daily living have become more advanced, the ability for a buyer to visit a local repair shop or fix it themselves when something goes wrong has slowly eroded away. We are rapidly reaching the point at which we no longer own what we buy anymore, but merely rent it from the manufacturer for the “privilege” of using it.

This consolidation of power in the hands of manufacturers is unprecedented. The process is also draining money and skills from states like New Hampshire and funneling it into the hands of a few wealthy corporations who turn around and demand outrageous sums for repair procedures.

Please support the Right to Repair Act for the State of New Hampshire. We cannot rely on California to lead the way on this issue. It would be fitting for the “live free or die” state to be among the first in our nation to preserve our liberty to repair our own technology.

For more information about how to take action, visit The Action Network.