Shelburne Museum. So many amazing things to learn about Vermont here.

When I say that there’s a right and a wrong way to use technology, this is exactly what I mean: The Automation Charade.

Fellow technologists: when you are asked to build something, you need to ask yourself who would benefit from your creation?

Our family has declared that we are ready for summer, so we are eating accordingly, no matter how ashen grey the skies remain.

Wet hickory wood chips means only one thing: time to fire up the grill for the season!

Rollin’ Lobster: Just had amazing lobster mac & cheese here. Fantastic fresh lobster rolls too.

Capitalism and Software

Capitalism has been having conniption fits of relevance in the face of zero marginal cost brought by the Internet. It has been fascinating to watch, and tumultuous. And it is affecting everyone on the planet.

Especially software developers. This is a truly excellent article:

Open source beyond the market – Signal v. Noise.

It ties together many threads of thought I’ve been wrestling with. The whole thing is long, but every part is worth your time. In reality, time is all we’ve got to give and capital is merely a means to an end.

via Michael Tsai