Summer warmth yields to cold crackling winter ice. As chlorophyll drained from leaves, trees dazzled with hidden colors. Taking the hint, bees harvested every grain of pollen they could. Now they will hum to each other through frost until spring melt brings relief. (mbnov)

This tide pool, about the size of an adult hand, is home to a tiny crab hiding inside a hollow within the rock. Can you spot it? (mbnov)

Repairing is better than replacing or even recycling. When it comes to minimizing the damage we do to the world and the resources available to future generations, there is simply no question. Every device in our household gets a second life, whenever possible. (mbnov)

When the storm winds abate and the clouds lighten, place the sun at your back in case enough rays of light have emerged to reveal one of nature’s best surprises. (mbnov)

Chicago is an amazing place. I wish more cities were as thoughtful about where and how to build as this town’s Merchants Club, whose members commissioned the Burnham Plan, which recommended preserving the lakefront for public use. (mbnov)

I love how the kids bring home rocks from all kinds of outings. As our collection has grown, I must admit that we have encouraged them to be more selective. (mbnov)

Sticking out one’s neck is considered risky behavior for a human, but if you’re a blue heron that’s how you eat so you do it every day. (mbnov)