After repeated nags on macOS with no way to say “no, thanks” to automatic updates (I like to apply them when I choose, thanks) I finally figured out how to stop them. Look for “Microsoft AU Daemon” in System Preferences => Notifications.

Proper Introductions

The cheeky way I started this blog doesn’t really tell anyone who I am or why you might be interested in reading.

I just composed my “about me” text for (a micro bio?) and thought it would be good to share it directly here for anyone reading this elsewhere on the web.

I believe it matters how we use our technology. There’s a right way and a wrong way.

I have made a living from web-related technologies in some form since 1995. My work now supports biological research in ways that I hope will make the world and the web a better place.

Pronouns: he/him. (The beard gives it away in person.) I am a radical feminist, so would not be offended to have my writing mistaken for a woman’s.

I live in Hanover, New Hampshire. Most days I can be found flitting around Lyme and other parts of the Upper Valley. Occasionally visit Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago and Saint Louis.

Blog software is currently WordPress with IndieWeb plugins.

This is Amber. She is not my dog, but she has been helping her owners and their friends put taps into maple trees.

Follow up on the Smith Corona typewriter being used as hotel hallway decoration… found a serial number.