The fence in the background behind this rhododendron needs repairs. (Also: turns out I did catch a blurry bee here, too.)

Moving day is never fun. I imagine this is true even for ants. It helps to have a large community of support pitching in.

large swarm of ants in two clusters between paving stones

Construction sites are no place to find tranquility. It must be created instead. (Not shown: sounds of saws, drills, hammers and vacuum cleaners.)

large window showing blue sky with light falling on spalted beech flooring

I didn’t think there was anything maroon in our garden, but then I spied this.

This pot is not for food. I used it for mixing and heating some specialized construction materials. Then it got overspray from painting. Then dust from sheetrock. Now sitting on the floor in the basement utility room.

Rhododendron bushes are in bloom here. Not shown are the bees happily visiting each flower. They moved too fast for me to photograph them.

E PLURIBUS UNUM. The idea of a union of states into one country is being put to the test these days.

When its leaves open, this tree’s silhouette will be less skeletal.