Never content with what’s on the surface, I always delve deep. “What does this really mean?” I ask. This occasionally gets me into trouble because, sometimes, a cigar is just a cigar. (mbnov)

May your most fancy flights of imagination be made real, that they may grace your family, friends and acquaintances with joy and wonder. (mbnov)

The mark of a new technology is that it inspires new ways of thinking about the world. The best tools will enable good change while limiting any inevitable damage. (mbnov)

I think I’ve seen enough reports about both iOS 13 and macOS Catalina breaking things that I plan to stick to iOS 12 and Mojave for another year. I love being an early adopter, but I have real work to do and, realistically, it’s going to take that long to clean up this mess.

Applause to NBA Commissioner Silver for taking a strong stance in support of democratic values. Sadly absent from this conversation is the American President, who ought to be promoting democracy everywhere rather than dismantling it here at home for his own profit.