We created small mountains of spray foam to insulate part of the basement today.

green foam insulation filling stud bays along a wall

This tiny critter was a challenge to keep in focus as it ambled along the intricate folds of my denim jeans.

small, green insect on blue denim pant leg

We plan to stick with plain white walls in this room so as not to detract from the natural wood grain.

corner of room showing painted white wall adjacent to v-groove pine wall

The accent tile we chose for our kitchen has a design reminiscent of textile artwork.

Mostly, I make my own coffee at home these days, but I allow the occasional indulgence of a mocha latte from the neighborhood independent coffee shop.

Today’s todo list included one random errand: picking up some chickens for a friend. They huddled in the box until I persuaded them the fresh grass was tasty.

Our builder made a custom stand to hold this awesome sink we found at a salvage shop.

large corner sink on a table with shelf below made of slats on diagonal

It has taken a long time, but we are starting to see the pieces of our house remodel come together.

kitchen with subfloor and bare walls showingkitchen with tile and cabinets showing