Amazon is… well-managed and has demonstrated great skill at spotting opportunities… It has a corresponding lack of vision about the human costs of the relentless growth and accumulation of wealth and power.

Why I avoid ordering from Amazon whenever possible. Good for you, Tim.

PSA for those, like us, ordering groceries online for the first time: check your units carefully.

Related: we needed one Serrano pepper for a recipe. We got one pound of Serrano peppers. Oops!

No wonder I am so fuzzy-headed! Just discovered the second half of my morning coffee. My routines are all out of whack.

New game: every time you see or hear the phrase “these challenging times,” have a sip of your quarantini. 🍸🦠

This view of the landscape below the ski lift never ceases to amaze. I am very lucky to live in this place.


Soldering projects are a soothing and relaxing escape for me in the way others enjoy knitting or sewing. Usually. The photo above shows what happens when you’re on vacation and you try using an underpowered 8W travel iron. I guess now I know the limits of that tool!