Proper Introductions

The cheeky way I started this blog doesn’t really tell anyone who I am or why you might be interested in reading.

I just composed my “about me” text for (a micro bio?) and thought it would be good to share it directly here for anyone reading this elsewhere on the web.

I believe it matters how we use our technology. There’s a right way and a wrong way.

I have made a living from web-related technologies in some form since 1995. My work now supports biological research in ways that I hope will make the world and the web a better place.

Pronouns: he/him. (The beard gives it away in person.) I am a radical feminist, so would not be offended to have my writing mistaken for a woman’s.

I live in Hanover, New Hampshire. Most days I can be found flitting around Lyme and other parts of the Upper Valley. Occasionally visit Boston, Philadelphia, Chicago and Saint Louis.

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